The trusted AI-driven influencer tool to unveil the naked truth of influencer marketing.

MindDATA is an Influencer AI-Driven Platform, a one-clicked influencer engine that provides real-time, in-depth insights into demographic & psychographic data of 120 Million super-mind influencers worldwide across seven languages including Chinese and their audience throughout various social media including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. MindDATA is developed to offer a quick powerful solution to influencers marketing, through highly practical features including influencer discovery, profile analysis, together with pioneering functions like audience profile analysis, project performance tracking and ROI prediction. The innovative feature of project result prediction shall turn social campaigns accurately measurable and positive result-proven.

Effortless in essence, the platform is easy-to-use, offers a one-clicked real-time solutions to brands and professional marketers, making all social and digital campaigns efficient, effective and accurate.

Empowered and launched by Flare Communications Group in December 2021, it creates a strong synergy with the Group’s 20 years of expertise in PR and marketing services, MindDATA completes the Group’s modern marketing and communications “Mind & Machine” service approach by combining reputable brand consultancy and the intelligence of big data and AI-technology, committed to create effective and result-proven marketing strategy and campaigns to our clients.
Apart from its global data of influencers, MindDATA is also Chinese language enabled, specifically customised for the Asia market, including HK, Macau & China.


Find the right influencer based on location, followers, engagement, topics of influencers or their audience.
Discover influencers by followers growth and much more!


Make data-driven decision by digging deep into the demographic and psychographic data of 120 million+ super-mind influencers and their followers.
With our powerful followers credibility feature, user can screen out influencers with fake and ghost followers.


Based on machine learning and our AI algorithms, we are able to estimate the influencer campaign performance and evaluate the total campaign exposure, engagement and accumulated audience reach of all the influencers in the list. This turns your campaign accurately measurable and positive result-driven.
Our unique kind approach also allows user to understand the audience overlapping of the list, prediction of stories link clicks and MUCH MORE!

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